Monday, November 8, 2010

Jandos is back as AD of the Washington City Paper

The production of The Washington City Paper is back in DC where it belongs and Jandos Rothstein is back as its art director. Jandos along with Pete Morelewicz, who also served as AD for the City Paper, are two of my favorite Art Directors. Their comments are never compromised by personal taste, always enhance the concept, and have always made my work better.

Just Like Old Times at the Washington Times

Client: The Washington City Paper

Art Director: Jandos Rothstein

I was glad to find out that Jandos is back in the drivers seat and happy that he contacted me for the cover image of his return issue. The concept sketches and final illustration for last weeks cover are attached. The story is about the fall of The Washington Times -- The Capitol City's outspoken voice of conservative politics and leading example of yellow journalism.

sketch 1: The Rev. Sung Myung Moon "The King of the Ocean" in a paper boat going down with his ship.

sketch 2: Rev. Moon going over a cliff riding the Republican elephant.

sketch 3: A “yellow journalism” clenched fist holding a rolled up newspaper has fallen from its pedestal.

sketch 4: Moonies morning a dead paper.

sketch 5: Dog urinating on a copy of the Washington Times.

sketch 6: "Timber" the newspaper falls.

sketch 7: Pushing a paper boat on fire out to sea.

sketch 8: Good night Mr. Moon!

The Final Illustration

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ha ha, good night Mr. Moon!